30 March 2017 by CJ Hubbard, Vans Editor Last Updated: 22 May 2017

  • Pickup group test on Parkers Vans
  • Pickup group comparison test on Parkers Vans
  • Pickup group test on Parkers Vans
  • Pickup group test on Parkers Vans
  • Seven leading double cab pickup trucks compared
  • Find out the strengths and weakness of each model
  • Which pickup is best for what you want to use it for?

To help you decide which pickup truck is best for you, Parkers Vans has rounded up all seven of the leading pickups currently on sale in the UK for one massive comparison review.

We've divided this mega pickup group test into a number of sections – largely to make navigating all the information manageable on a smartphone.

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Which pickups are being tested?

These are the contenders (in ascending order of purchase price):

  • Mitsubishi L200 Warrior – five-speed automatic
  • Fiat Fullback LX – six-speed manual
  • Ford Ranger Limited 2.2 TDCI – six-speed manual
  • Toyota Hilux Invincible – six-speed automatic
  • Isuzu D-Max Blade – five-speed automatic
  • Nissan NP300 Navara Tekna – seven-speed automatic
  • VW Amarok Aventura V6 – eight-speed automatic

Each of the pickups tested is a double cab model – meaning four doors and five seats – in a lifestyle-oriented grade, rather than a more basic working truck.

Pickup group test on Parkers Vans

Lifestyle pickups outsell their more utilitarian cousins, but if you are looking for a working truck it should be possible to work ‘downwards’ from our conclusions in order to meet your needs.

And while trim levels and engine specification are not exactly comparable in every case, they are close enough to make a meaningful judgement of strengths and weaknesses for each competitor.

Every pickup on sale tested

The list adds up to an example of every pickup currently on sale except the SsangYong Musso, which SsangYong was unable to provide to the test’s timescale. If you want more information on the Musso you can find it in our full review by clicking here.

(The Great Wall Steed is currently not available in the UK due to not having a Euro 6 engine.)

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And don't forget to check the Parkers Vans for sale and leasing sections for new and used deals near you.  

For information about new pickups coming soon click here

Pickup comparison test results: how we judged

As well as listing the strengths and weaknesses of every pickup, we’ve also analysed which is the best choice in a number of different areas – including the driving experience, interior design, load area, towing capability, fuel economy (mpg), and even value.

Pickup group comparison test on Parkers Vans

This should help you make a decision about which pickup is best for your priorities. No doubt some buyers couldn’t care less how the pickup drives so long as it carries everything they need it to, while for those who do serious motorway miles what it’s like from behind the wheel could be the most important factor of all.

This also reflects our findings during the test, where we quickly realised that every one of these trucks is likeable and live-withable, if for different reasons.

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