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Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017
This is the third generation of the popular Skoda Octavia from the Czech maker. It is now 90mm longer and 45mm wider than the previous generation but it also looks more elegant than before.
3.5 out of 5


In terms of Skoda Octavia comfort the best model in the range is the 2.0-litre because it’s a decent cruiser and it’s also happy out on the open roads. It is a little noisy when revved hard, so it’s best to go for the petrol versions if driving refinement is a top priority.

The 1.6-litre diesel is the noisiest of all Octavias but it does get less vocal on the motorway. In terms of cabin refinement there’s nothing to complain about – wind or road noise is barely perceptible

Skoda’s Octavia feels softly sprung which makes for a comfortable ride but it does roll around corners and it can get fractionally bouncy over really potted roads. These issues are no deal-breaker though.

The seats have a decent amount of back support and there’s plenty of adjustment to allow you to get comfortable reasonably quickly. The seating could do with more side support and if you do have a sensitive back we would advise you to get the models with the electrical adjustment – it’s much easier to find exactly the right driving position for you.

The increased dimensions allow for more leg- and headroom and this is particularly welcome – the Octavia may be a mid-sized five-door but it’s just as roomy as, say, a Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Insignia. Taller passengers might find their heads brushing the roof when they are in the rear, however.

5 out of 5


The Skoda's boot capacity measures 590 litres, which is massive when you compare it to rivals: Volkswagen Golf (380 litres), SEAT Toledo (550 litres), Honda Civic (477 litres) and VW Jetta (520 litres).

The Octavia’s boot is even bigger than the Ford Mondeo which offers 528 litres of storage capacity.

The new Octavia also boasts more head-, leg- and kneeroom and it’ll easily accommodate five occupants in comfort.

You'll also find the usual complement of storage spaces dotted around the car and a sizeable console bin that can hold a host of items.

Additionally, there’s a loading hatch in the rear seats that acts an armrest when you are not storing stuff and a very useful net that’s located underneath the parcel shelf to stop smaller items rolling about.

The only criticism is that you can't fold the rear seats down flat like you can in the Honda Civic, but you can still store plenty of stuff in there even though they lie at a slight angle. Total loading capacity with the seats down is an impressive 1,580 litres – an increase of 125 litres over the previous model.

The Octavia also features a double-sided floor covering in the boot and there’s also an ice scraper inside the filler cap which is very handy.

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How does the boot space compare?

Skoda Octavia Hatchback (13-20)
590 litres
500 litres
467 litres
237 litres
4.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Previous Octavias, although robust and well-built, still looked a little bit bland from the driver’s seat.

Even though Skoda has massively upped its game over the years, its interiors were still slightly grey and underwhelming, with hard plastics in places that blighted the overall feel.

Not so with this generation: the interior is much more classy – there's chrome detailing along with a logical, easy-to-use dash layout. This makes for a much more comfortable and upmarket-feeling experience.

Everything is thoughtfully placed and neat touches such as the overhead sunglasses holder and smartphone slot in the central circular bottle holder tell you that Skoda is thinking very carefully about its customers and their needs.