Used Skoda Fabia vRS (2003 - 2007) Comfort

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Last Updated: 06 Feb 2009
Skoda has been doing pretty well under VW's wing, launching an increasingly impressive model line-up that now challenges its parent company in terms of performance and refinement. This is their first stab at a hot hatch - the diesel-powered Fabia vRS.
4 out of 5


Sound levels are suppressed on the whole, but there are some crashes over large potholes. It's roomy enough in the back for two adults and the front passenger should be happy with head and legroom, too. Interior is simple and uses attractive, high quality, materials.

3.5 out of 5


Reasonable boot space for a supermini - you'll get a couple of cases in without having to resort to using the back seats. The rear seats are split folding for extra flexibility. Cubbies in the cabin include a large air conditioned glove box, doorbins, a box under the stereo and a cubby under the steering wheel, which is ideal for hiding a mobile phone, or loose change.

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Skoda Fabia vRS (03-07)
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3 out of 5

Behind the wheel

From behind the wheel, the Fabia vRS will be familiar to current VW, Audi and SEAT buyers - although the showy detail has been removed. The no-nonsense approach is retained for the layout: all the switches and buttons are exactly where they should be. The speedo is a bit of an anomaly - it counts every ten mph to 90mph, then suddenly jumps to 110 mph, then 130mph as the next increments.

The seats are very supportive even under vigorous cornering conditions. The contrasting light and dark fabric looks very attractive but also shows up dirt and other marks. Steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake.