Used Porsche Boxster (2004 - 2011) Comfort

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Last Updated: 24 Mar 2014
The Boxster is the entry-level into Porsche ownership, but don't think this makes owning one any less special. It's just as well engineered, equally great to drive, sounds sublime and costs far less than a 911.
4 out of 5


For a sports car the ride is impressively smooth and it deals with uneven roads well. The cabin itself is cosy and taller drivers may find it cramped on long journeys but the seats are wonderfully supportive and comfortable too while the multi-layered hood insulates well, even in the winter. With the top down and (optional) wind deflector in place buffeting is minimal, even at motorway speeds, plus all cars come with air conditioning as standard.

4 out of 5


Because the engine is located in the middle, this frees up luggage space in the front and back of the Boxster, making it surprisingly practical for a sports car. There's 130 litres of space at the rear and 150-litres under the bonnet - this is quite deep too and allows you to fit larger or boxy items in. Inside there's a good sized glovebox, a centre armrest with a cubbyhole and large door pockets with flip up lids that double as armrests.

There's also a clever twin cupholder system that flips out of a slot above the glovebox (see gallery for a better illustration). To fold down the roof you first have to undo a fairly stiff central catch, but once released, the electric motors take over to drop the roof in just 12 seconds. It's even quicker to close.

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How does the boot space compare?

310 litres
Porsche Boxster (04-11)
280 litres
250 litres
140 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The Boxster's driving position is perfectly spot-on and although the cabin isn't overly spacious there's plenty of room, even for taller drivers. The quality is excellent with tactile and well-finished materials used all round while the leather seats offer good support. It’s certainly upmarket and comfortable too, but while it is all very functional it doesn't particularly excite.

That said there's an understated air of sophistication about it that runs through the whole of the Boxster.