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Last Updated: 02 Sep 2014
There are not many gaps in the car market but Nissan is determined to find them. The 'crossover' is a relatively new concept in the car industry and the Japanese firm has decided that this is where it's at.
Nissan Juke SUV (10-19)
  • Good value
  • Spacious in rear and front
  • High seating position
  • Refined engines
  • Generous kit levels
  • Firm ride
  • Leans too much in corners
  • Cheap interior plastics
  • Small boot space
  • CVT auto gearbox a compromise

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£13,070 - £24,425

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£2,483 - £13,501

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3.5 out of 5

There are not many gaps in the car market but Nissan is determined to find them. The 'crossover' is a relatively new concept in the car industry and the Japanese firm has decided that this is where it's at. Nissan started its crossover campaign in 2007 with the Qashqai - a 4x4/hatch combination - and has followed it up with the Nissan Juke which is purportedly a sporty 4x4/supermini.

Yep, it has a high riding position and there is a four-wheel drive set-up on the top-powered petrol version, but let's get real, you're not going to be using your fancy new Juke for farm work.

Essentially, this is a cut-price boutique item aimed at young go-getters who, inevitably, want 'something different'. Nissan says it was initially aimed at adventurous, sporty young men, but on reflection realised young women will also be attracted by the funky, unconventional design.

Whatever, its big draw will probably be the price and with that you get a funky looking car, a decent engine and plenty of kit. In that respect it makes much more sense than buying a bog-standard Ford Focus, which is a little larger, or top-spec Ford Fiesta that's a little smaller.

There are four trims available for the Juke - the Visia, Acenta, Acenta+ and Tekna - and two engines to choose from: the 1.6-litre petrol in either 115bhp or 187bhp power outputs, and a 108bhp 1.5-litre diesel.

SUV driving position

The high-set driving position of the Juke is like that of an SUV, so it offers excellent forward vision and a commanding view of the road ahead and to the sides. This makes it easy to place the Juke on the road and anticipate hazards further up the road.

It’s also very comfortable and simple to get into and out of. Add in the excellent comfort of the seats and the ease of adjusting the driving position for drivers of all shapes and sizes and the Juke is one of the comfiest cars in its class.

It might look like a three-door but it's actually a five - the rear door handles are disguised next to the windows.

Less impressive to drive

There’s no doubt the Nissan Juke hangs on determinedly through corners thanks to the grip and balance of its set-up. It makes the Juke surprisingly agile and quick at changing direction, which is not something you would instantly associate with a car of this type.

However, the Nissan’s ride is too firm at every speed, transmitting shocks and jolts through to the occupants too much of the time for the car to be considered comfortable. There is also a lot of body lean through corners, which is at odds with the fine grip and handling balance of the Juke.

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What owners say...

 The height of the vehicle is very useful, particularly for my partner who has mobility issues.  

5 out of 5

Linda Ward ,   19 Dec 2014    ... read more

 While the Juke is Chunky car to look at it is a small one despite that the boot is quite reasonable for the size. Being 2wd it has the twin level 2 load area so things that stay in the car all the...  

4 out of 5

Tim Josey ,   15 Nov 2014    ... read more

 It's ability to transport 4 adults and luggage, whilst return good mpg.  

4 out of 5

Nick Acuna ,   31 Oct 2013    ... read more

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