Used Mitsubishi Shogun (2000 - 2006) Driving & Performance

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2014
The original Shogun was a cheaper alternative to prestige 4x4s. This latest range squares up against Discovery on price and features.
3 out of 5


Good aerodynamics for its size. The best model is the 3.2 D-ID. It pulls well from low revs and is happy cruising on the motorway but can be hard work in town. In 3.5 V6 petrol form, it's torquey and is better-suited to overtaking.

2.5 out of 5


Bulky but relatively easy to drive around town. On-road handling is weak - bodyroll in corners, so-so wet-weather grip. Auto 'box has a slick sequential shift and off-road abilities are unquestioned.