Used Mitsubishi Shogun (1984 - 2000) Safety & Reliability

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2014
The Shogun was a serious Japanese competitor to the Range Rover, earning respect for its longevity (it was launched back in 1983), off-road ability and reliability. And before the advent of the X5 and its ilk, was one of the best serious off-roaders to drive on normal roads.
1 out of 5



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ABS is fitted to high spec models. Early V6 models had a driver's airbag which was only fitted across the range from '94 onwards. Locks were quite strong, but no immobiliser was fitted until 1998 and no alarm was offered.

4 out of 5


Capable of very high mileages if cared for properly and is below-average for breakdowns. However a hard life without proper care will see it become a catalogue of expenses - and its the sort of car some owners think they need not look after.

Car check problem points


Damage from off-road use, worn rear suspension; rust on tailgate.


Oil leaks; worn transmission.


Fluid leaks from power steering; uneven steering.