Used Mitsubishi Shogun (1984 - 2000) Driving & Performance

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2014
The Shogun was a serious Japanese competitor to the Range Rover, earning respect for its longevity (it was launched back in 1983), off-road ability and reliability. And before the advent of the X5 and its ilk, was one of the best serious off-roaders to drive on normal roads.
3 out of 5


Turbo-diesels available in 2.5 and 2.8 litres are strong but not swift although they do give slightly better economy than the petrol units. V6 petrol units are offered in 3.0 and 3.5 forms and are livelier and quite refined, especially the 24-valve cars. Most are manuals, but there are some four speed automatics about.

3 out of 5


Long-wheel-base is rather a handful simply because of its sheer size - the short wheelbase is more manageable. On road manners are reasonably good with a decent ride, although reactions aren't particularly quick. Off road performance is very impressive