Used Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (2006 - 2012) Safety & Reliability

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Last Updated: 30 Oct 2012
The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is the car that some buyers may have been waiting many years for. It's a proper 4x4 with seven-seat practicality and yet has an interior that matches any of the company's saloons for comfort and style.
4 out of 5



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The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class reliability record is unknown since the car doesn't have a Euro NCAP crash safety rating, but the smaller M-Class was awarded the maximum five-star rating for adult occupant safety. It comes with pretty much every safety feature Mercedes-Benz has to offer including driver, passenger and side airbags at the front plus windowbags throughout.

In addition, front seats also benefit from a system called NECK-PRO, which is designed to help prevent whiplash injuries. Every car also gets PRE-SAFE, a system unique to Mercedes-Benz. It senses that there could be an imminent collision and links up the brake assist and electronic stability programme and tensions the seatbelts, adjusts the driver's seat position and closes the sunroof and any windows that are open.

4 out of 5


The early 2000s saw a blip in Mercedes-Benz's otherwise faultless reputation for quality, but the company has made changes and the GL is one of the models to benefit from stricter manufacturing standards. Most importantly, it feels like a quality product inside, with excellent materials used throughout and a solid finish. You shouldn't have a lot to worry about regarding Mercedes-Benz GL-Class reliability.

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A recall in 2008 for a potential problem with an electrical connection that could cause the engine to lose power.


No problems reported.