Used BMW X3 (2004 - 2010) Comfort

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Last Updated: 22 May 2009
Designing a compact 4x4 car that's good on the road, comfortable and yet also possesses some off road ability is no easy feat. But BMW has come close with the X3 - the smaller brother to the muscular X5.
3.5 out of 5


The firm ride is the biggest let down in the X3, especially as it should be an ideal family car. But on the plus side there is good head and legroom in the back with enough space for two adults, though a lack of shoulder and footroom means that the centre seat is only suitable for children. This does, however, fold down to become an armrest, plus it contains a storage box and two cupholders to make trips a little more comfortable.

It’s quiet on the move – only engine noise is occasionally noticeable and while the seats are firm they give excellent support.

4 out of 5


This is one of the most practical cars in the BMW range. The boot is huge and easy to load, the seats fold flat and the total load area is large enough for most weekend family jobs. There's also a large glovebox and centre storage cubby, door bins and plenty of cupholders. Those looking to tow will be pleased to see that the X3 has a braked towing weight of between 1,800kg and 2,000kg.

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How does the boot space compare?

755 litres
655 litres
BMW X3 (04-10)
480 litres
430 litres
3.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Thanks to an elevated driving position, there's a clear view of the road ahead and good visibility when turning out of T-junctions. The steering wheel adjusts for height and reach while the seat is multi-adjustable. Controls on the steering wheel for the stereo and cruise control mean you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel on the move but that said, the dash is logical and it’s easy to use when driving, with clear buttons and – on some models – a flip-up LCD screen with sat nav, telephone and trip computer.

Most recent models from late 2006 have an auxiliary point allowing you to plug in an iPod/MP3 player to listen to through the stereo on the move.