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Last Updated: 26 Nov 2012
This BMW 7-Series may look less controversial than the model that was launched in 2002, but that doesn't mean that it's any less revolutionary. There are no carry-over components from the previous car and this 7-Series has a softer and more elegant look to it.
5 out of 5


The rear seats can seat three, though it's far more comfortable with two in the back, with plenty of head, leg and shoulder room. Those who choose the long-wheelbase version can really stretch out. The seats in the rear are all-new and specially designed for the 7-Series. It's possible to specify them with electronic adjustment, heating and massaging functions for the ultimate in luxury.

There's also the option of a separate i-Drive controller in the rear (for controlling ventilation and entertainment) with two 9.2-inch seatback screens for DVD and TV on the move. The screens are independent of each other, so one can be tuned to the TV, while the other plays a DVD. The rear is very well insulated against wind and road noise, making it ideal for those being chauffeured to work or rest in comfort.

Four-zone climate control means that the four quarters of the car can be set to separate temperatures.

3.5 out of 5


As well as plenty of room inside for both front and rear passengers, the 7-Series is blessed is a very large boot. At 500 litres, it's capable of swallowing a family's luggage with ease and compares favourably with similar cars from other manufacturers. Other touches inside the cabin include an air conditioned glovebox and a variety of cubby holes.

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560 litres
470 litres
BMW 7-Series (08-15)
360 litres
335 litres
4.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The 7-Series has an elegant and refined interior that's far more user-friendly than before. It's easy to get comfortable with large, supportive seats that can be specified with a massager function. The layout of the dash is logical and it's fitted with a vastly upgraded 'i-Drive' system, following intensive research on how owners of the previous model used theirs.

There's now a much simpler menu system and - vitally - a back button. The latest sat-nav system gives more of a bird's-eye view, can be customised to show petrol stations or Golf clubs and can even be hooked-up to Google maps for bespoke routes.