Used BMW 7-Series (1994 - 2002) Safety & Reliability

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Not taken with the looks of the current 7-Series? Then try this. It's all the car anyone could possibly need, although it does not exude the same kind of imposing opulence as an S-Class.
4 out of 5



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All models have ABS, twin airbags, head airbags from September '97 and optional rear side airbags on most recent cars. Alarm and immobiliser. Lock shielding is much improved from last generation. These measures seem most effective, but safety-conscious owners may get a tracking system fitted.

4 out of 5


Greatest worry is owners that buy the 7-Series thinking they've got a bargain, but can't afford to maintain it properly. There are occasional electrical gremlins but it's mechanically very sound and capable of very high mileages.

Car check problem points


No major problems reported.


Needs history.


Wear to exhaust, brake pads, shock absorbers, faults with computers or electronics.