Used BMW 7-Series (1994 - 2002) Driving & Performance

Review by Parkers on
Not taken with the looks of the current 7-Series? Then try this. It's all the car anyone could possibly need, although it does not exude the same kind of imposing opulence as an S-Class.
4.5 out of 5


Early cars had either 3.0 (730i) or 4.0 (740i) V8s. Both are great units with plenty of pulling power and an impressive engine note. The incredibly powerful 750i came along in 1995 and was joined by the 735i and 728i in 1996. All are lessons in luxury car power.

4.5 out of 5


An enjoyable drive, despite its immense proportions. It's not the ultimate in comfort - that accolade goes to the S-Class. But you will get a good drive, that feels as sporty as the smaller BMW saloons. But that's not say that the ride is harsh - it's not. It's stunning on the motorway and soaks up bumps on A and B roads and performs very well at high speed.