Used BMW 3-Series Coupe (1999 - 2006) Driving & Performance

Review by Parkers on
There was a time when the 3-Series Coupe was merely a two-door saloon. Then BMW realised it could charge a premium for it and it became a must-have for the up-and-coming executive.
4.5 out of 5


The coupe gets the pick of the 3-Series engines. Only the 318i feels as though it doesn't belong in this line-up. 320i is offers the best mix between performance and affordability. 325i and 330i are fine engines. Two diesel engines: 320Cd and 330Cd. Both have lots of power at low revs and make realistic alternatives to their petrol counterparts. And they're rather frugal, too.

4.5 out of 5


This generation of 3-Series Coupe has grown up, but is still one of the best driving machines you can buy and there are still platy of kicks to be had. Like all BMWs, it's rear-wheel drive, but it's not as tail-happy as previous models. Offers a safe and well-balanced yet still sporting drive, particularly the more potent Sport models.