Used BMW 3-Series Compact (1994 - 2001) Driving & Performance

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The Compact was BMW's attempt to woo customers who wouldn't have previously been able to afford a BMW or who couldn't live without the practicality of a hatchback. The Compact met the needs of both and proved to be popular although it's rear suspension was taken from the old model so was quite a bit cruder.
3 out of 5


Compact only got a choice of two engines: the 316i and 318 ti. That means no diesel. Both engines work well with Compact's smaller body. To make things more complicated, both the 316 and 318 were powered by a 1.9 engine from 1999. The 316 had 105 bhp, while the 318 got 140 bhp.

4 out of 5


Suspension is borrowed from the previous-generation 3-Series, so the ride is not as sophisticated as the saloon, Touring, coupe and convertible. However, it's still good to drive, with a chassis that demands to be driven hard (although you still need to watch it in the wet). Ride is fine for the motorway.