Used BMW 3-Series Compact (1994 - 2001) Buying & Selling

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The Compact was BMW's attempt to woo customers who wouldn't have previously been able to afford a BMW or who couldn't live without the practicality of a hatchback. The Compact met the needs of both and proved to be popular although it's rear suspension was taken from the old model so was quite a bit cruder.
3.5 out of 5

Buying used

Compact was built to be a cheap BMW, but on the used market, they are no cheaper than the saloon. So ask yourself why you want a Compact. Unless you want the hatchback why not get the saloon?

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4 out of 5


People like to buy BMWs because they are perceived as being better quality than other saloons and hatches so they tend to sell quite quickly especially the better equipped and higher spec models.