Used Toyota Starlet (1996 - 1999) Comfort

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Last Updated: 25 Jul 2014
This was the model that ended the long line of Starlets with a wider range (including the sporty SR) than ever before. Despite the Hollywood inspired name, the Starlet does not really draw attention to itself.

3 out of 5


Fine for front seat passengers, the seats are very supportive and the brightly coloured trim is there to cheer you up. Like most small cars, a sunroof on the GLS model, restricts headroom. Dull interior is well put together but looks plasticky; limited rear accommodation. The rear seats in five-door models are easier to access.

3 out of 5


There are plenty of storage options including deep door bins, and rear accommodation is confined while the boot is tight.

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245 litres
Toyota Starlet (96-99)
214 litres
206 litres
2 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Interior is basic and now looks very 1990s and very dated. Everything is simply laid out, but lacks sophistication. The driving position could be better. All round visibility is pretty good.