Used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon (2002 - 2006) Owners' Reviews

Review by Simon Harris on
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2014
Feeling its age now but this leviathan off-roader is still a highly competent machine and can still double as a luxury cruiser in the mould of the Range Rover. Old technology turbodiesel engine is a little crude but is highly effective - mainly because of its enormous size at 4.

Owners' Reviews

2 owners have reviewed their Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon (02-06) and noted down advice on any problems they have experienced.

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Engine and TrimPlateDate of ReviewOwner Rating

4.2 TD 5d Auto


05 Apr 2004

4 out of 5

4.7 V8 5d Auto


17 Feb 2005

5 out of 5