Used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon (2002 - 2006) Comfort

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Last Updated: 19 Aug 2014
Feeling its age now but this leviathan off-roader is still a highly competent machine and can still double as a luxury cruiser in the mould of the Range Rover. Old technology turbodiesel engine is a little crude but is highly effective - mainly because of its enormous size at 4.

4.5 out of 5


The vast interior will seat seven in relative comfort with standard leather and automatic climate control, with extra vents for passengers in the third row of seats, front seats are heated and electrically adjustable and the suspension can be lowered to make getting in and out of the car less of a hike. The Amazon also rides quite comfortably for an off-roader.

4.5 out of 5


If it's as big as the Amazon on the outside then it must have plenty of room inside. To a great extent it does. However, the third row of seats are stored at the sides of the luggage area which robs it of a little space. The Amazon's basic design comes from 1998, long before clever seven-seat solutions like the ones found in the Volvo XC90, Land Rover Discovery and Nissan Pathfinder appeared.

But it does have two more seats than its main rival, the Range Rover. Luggage space is still generous when the third row of seats are folded away and is vast with the middle row folded. There are a few useful storage areas in the cabin, but perhaps not as many as in modern large 4x4s.

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3.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The Amazon offers an unrivalled view of the road ahead, and the car is so wide you feel rather distant from your front-seat passenger. There is a prominent satellite navigation system with touch-screen operation and the monitor also doubles as the rear-view screen when reversing thanks to a camera mounted in the tailgate. The steering wheel and driver's seat are electrically adjustable ensuring the optimum driving position can be found and the large door mirrors offer a good view along the car's flanks helping reduce the size of blindspots.

Numerous switches to do with all sorts of features are scattered alternately to the driver's left and right as well as on the centre console. It means you sometimes have to go looking for switches whereas in a more modern vehicle they would have been sited in more obvious places.