Used Skoda Rapid (2012 - 2018) Comfort

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Last Updated: 05 Jun 2013
The Skoda Rapid is aimed at family motorists looking for a quality car at an affordable price. The company claims that the Rapid includes clever solutions and cutting-edge technology.

4 out of 5


Skoda Rapid comfort levels are very high. The ride is compliant even on roads that are littered with potholes yet you’ll still feel refreshed after long motorway journeys. Another bonus is that the seats are comfortable, with plenty of lateral to support to hem you in when cornering at speed. The driving position is good while the cabin is focused around the driver.

Wind, road and engine noise has been well silenced but the lower-powered petrols and the diesels do get a little vocal, particularly when you are pulling away or on start-up.

5 out of 5


Skoda Rapid practicality is best-in-class. With the seats in place the Skoda Rapid has 550 litres of luggage space and with the rear seats folded this expands to 1,490 litres. Compare the boot space on the Rapid to the Ford Focus and you can see that the Rapid has much more space. With seats in place the Ford Focus has 363 litres and when the rear seats are folded flat this expands to 1,148.

If you compare that to the VW Golf, the Rapid comes out on top. The Golf has 350 litres with the seats in place while it has 1,305 when flat. The Vauxhall Astra is another rival that lags behind in the space race in comparison to the Rapid, with a load space of 312 litres and 1,070 litres respectively. The Skoda Rapid has plenty of space on offer and that makes it a brilliant proposition for those motorists that need the extra versatility that this car offers.

There is a generous amount of interior space in the Rapid. There are five seats and yes, you could squeeze five people in, but the Rapid is much better suited to ferrying four adults. Head- and leg-room is plentiful. Rear seat passengers have the opportunity to stow items in the netting on the inner sides of the front seats. There’s also a host of self-aggrandisingly titled ‘Simply Clever’ features.

There’s an ice scraper that slides into the inside of the fuel tank filler flap and even a removable rubbish bin in the door pocket meaning that you should always have a tidy interior.

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How does the boot space compare?

573 litres
Skoda Rapid (12-18)
550 litres
500 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Since the current-generation Superb, interiors on Skodas have been very good and it’s fair to say that the Rapid is even better than what has gone before in terms of interior quality. The cabin is driver focused and the switchgear feels robust. Look around the cabin and the fixtures and fittings are all finished in good-quality materials that certainly look the part.

The only real negative point is that the armrest is directly behind the gearbox and can get a little annoying when driving the manual car: you keep bashing your hand and arm on anything sitting in there. The best advice is to flip it up and push it back to give you more space to change gear. The Skoda Rapid is a quality car in a crowded sector but not many cars give you so much for such a competitive starting price.