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Last Updated: 30 Oct 2015
Hot on the heels of the hatchback version comes the Skoda Octavia Estate, offering cavernous space for both people and luggage, low running costs and very competitive pricing. It’s not the most exciting car in the world, either to look at or to sit in, but as a car that does exactly what it sets out to do it’s very hard to fault.

3.5 out of 5


Skoda Octavia Estate comfort levels are very good. The engines are quiet to the point of being outweighed by wind noise on dual carriageways and the leather and Alcantara-trimmed seats in our Elegance-spec test cars were supremely comfortable.

4x4 versions have a noticeably smoother ride than front-wheel-drive versions, due to their different multi-link suspension setup. The ride quality really is quite impressively silky even on rough roads.

Two-wheel-drive cars have slightly firmer damping and are very comfortable for the most part, but can judder slightly over rippled surfaces on dual-carriageways, for example.

5 out of 5


Skoda says the new Octavia Estate is the most practical Octavia yet. It has a wider boot opening than before, and a lower loading lip too to make packing heavy items easier.

Boot capacity is 610 litres, which Skoda says is the best in the car’s class. This increases to 1,740 litres when the 60:40-split rear seats are folded – which is the work of a moment.

Once the seats are down, the retractable parcel shelf forms a natural lip to prevent objects sliding forward against the front seats, or alternatively can be removed and stored under the boot floor.

The top Elegance trim level features a variable-height boot floor which can be slotted into two levels. This enables large items of different heights to be carried or smaller items to be stored out of site in the large storage cavity underneath.

Moulded plastic hooks to secure bags fold out of the side of boot, and a net system is available to stop items sliding around on the move. There’s a 12-volt socket in the boot, too.

There’s also more knee, head, shoulder and elbow room for passengers than its predecessor. Rear seat passengers won’t feel at all squashed, even if the front-seat occupants are exceptionally tall.

A folding front passenger seat is available, enabling objects as long as three metres to be carried. Both SE and Elegance trim versions also feature a load-through hatch in the middle of the rear seat backs.

Skoda Octavia Estate practicality, like the hatch version, has been thought through thoroughly enough to include an ice scraper attached to the back of the fuel filler cap for cold weather.

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How does the boot space compare?

Skoda Octavia Estate (13 on)
610 litres
553 litres
512 litres
316 litres
4.5 out of 5

Behind the wheel

The dashboard has been given a clean and crisp design along the lines of the exterior.

Fit and finish both feel excellent, and while it’s not the most stirring of interiors to sit in it’s all very logically laid out and comfortable.

This clean and simple design approach extends to the dials, which have a very clean and legible design.

A multimedia touchscreen, available in different sizes depending on trim, sits in the middle of the dashboard and is familiar from other VW Group products.

Versions in SE-spec and above have extra storage areas, including an overhead sunglasses compartment. Elegance models have leather and Alcantara trim, which looks and feels rather classy.

They also get electrically-adjustable seats, which makes it far easier to find a comfortable driving position.

All in all the Octavia’s cabin is a very agreeable place to be, although it could perhaps do with a bit more character.