Used Skoda Fabia Saloon (2001 - 2005) Driving & Performance

Review by Parkers on
Last Updated: 19 Jun 2014
Brits don't really like small saloons, so the booted Fabia isn't a common sight on our roads. Good new for the used buyer, as values are generally lower than the value-packed hatchback.

2 out of 5


The saloon only gets two engines. Petrol choice is the 1.4, which is fine for town driving and even capable of short motorway trips. The diesel option is the 1.9 SDI. It only has 64 bhp, is noisy and quite old fashioned. It's best to avoid it, unless economy is your top priority (combined fuel consumption figure is 57.6 mpg).

3.5 out of 5


Manages to combine responsiveness and refinement, with predictable handling and good roadholding. Steering is light and easy fine around town and on the open road. Good brakes and a confident gearchange. Ride is fine over smooth surfaces, but can get caught out on unmade or bumpier roads.