Skoda Fabia Estate (2015 -) Comfort

Review by Gareth Evans on
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2015
It’s difficult to imagine a better car for a young family than the Skoda Fabia Estate. It’s practical, cheap to run, easy to drive and crammed full of useful features that are sure to make life easier.

4 out of 5


This is another area where we struggle to find much wrong. Skoda Fabia comfort levels are actually surprisingly high considering the size and cost of the car.

There’s very little road noise transferred to the cabin, wind noise simply isn’t an issue and the only noise you get from the 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine is a quiet, yet highly satisfying, thrum when you move away.

We could have done with a touch more bolstering on the front seats to keep us from moving in the cabin too much, but that’s just about the only criticism we can levy on the Fabia.

5 out of 5


It might not surprise you to learn that while a small car, the Skoda Fabia Estate practicality portfolio is hugely impressive. There’s an extra 200 litres of room in the boot, the load space expanding to a whopping 530 litres behind the rear seats.

Folding the rear seats down flat unlocks 1,395 litres if you’ve got no spare wheel fitted. We’re pleased to report the loading lip is fairly low too, which should make loading heavier items or animals nice and simple.

If you leave the rear seats up you’ll just about squeeze a trio of adults in the back, and improved headroom over the hatchback means they’ll actually be slightly more comfortable too.

The interior dimensions are exactly the same as the hatchback, and so is the car’s footprint on the ground. The extra room has been created simply by extending the rear of the car, with the body now measuring 4,257mm instead of 3,992mm for the hatch.

Now, it would be remiss of us not the mention the array of ‘Simply Clever’ features on the Fabia. Depending upon trim level you’ve got up to nine, including an ice scraper in the fuel filler cap and optional smartphone cradle for the central console. You also get some all-new bottle holders in the doors and you can even order a rubbish bin for the door too, if that’s something that appeals.

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How does the boot space compare?

430 litres
411 litres
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Skoda Fabia Estate (15 on)
322 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

No alarms and no surprises. That’s the name of the game here. The Fabia hatchback’s interior is a great place to be with more space than ever. The switches and controls feel high quality, and it’s no surprise to recognise bits and bobs from the other models in the Skoda range pop up here and there too.

All of the instruments in front of the driver feel very classic in design, but they’re clear and simple to operate.

The only real issue here is that while the cabin of the Fabia is a great-looking environment, its plastics aren’t the highest of quality. It’s perhaps this single aspect that reminds you that this isn’t a VW or Audi, but a cheaper, more cheerful Skoda.