Skoda Fabia Estate (2015 -) Buying & Selling

Review by Gareth Evans on
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2015
It’s difficult to imagine a better car for a young family than the Skoda Fabia Estate. It’s practical, cheap to run, easy to drive and crammed full of useful features that are sure to make life easier.

4.5 out of 5

Buying new

We suspect you’ll have quite an enjoyable time buying a new Fabia Estate. In our experience the dealers are friendly and welcoming, but best of all there’s quite a few of them so you should be able to find one relatively locally.

As ever, watch out for customisation. While you may think the car looks great with pink wheels, a black roof and green paint, it’s highly likely you’ll struggle to sell it on again afterwards.

With that said, sometimes a quirky car can be seriously desirable, and Skoda offers you the option to tweak the design to your tastes.

So it’s probably best to steer clear of brokers or car supermarkets who buy such cars in bulk, unless you’re not bothered about which (if any) optional extras you have. In that case you may be able to save a fair bit of money.

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4.5 out of 5

Buying used

This is the sort of car that’s going to be used, and used a lot. With something so practical it’s likely it’ll have a very hard life, so watch out for the quality of the interior fixtures and fittings in particular.

Check all trims and electrics work as they should, and make sure any exterior damage to wheels or bodywork is either fixed or compensated for in the price.

It’ll make a fantastic used buy; lots of car for the money is never a bad thing – just make sure you carry out a Parkers Car History Check to ensure you don’t buy anything with hidden gremlins on its CV.

Don’t be put off by ex-fleet cars either. They may be higher mileage but can be a great deal since they’re usually serviced and maintained to a high standard.

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4.5 out of 5


We doubt you’ll struggle to sell this car, but it’s far more likely if you take a bit of time to put a good advert together. Take clear pictures and fix any damage that’s reasonable compared to the value of the car. You can check what it’s worth very accurately using the Parkers Valuations service.

It stands to reason the car should be clean too – and if you’ve used it for dog transportation purposes it may pay to get the affected areas professionally cleaned. It won’t cost a huge amount but could make the difference between a sale and a walk-away.