Used Rover 25 (1999 - 2005) Driving & Performance

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Last Updated: 22 May 2014
The Rover 25 is little more than an old 200 with a Rover 75-style nose job and a bundle of detailed changes. It sits between small car and medium car classes - bigger than many city cars, smaller than a Ford Focus.

3 out of 5


All units were carried over from the 200. Petrol engines range from a barely adequate 1.1, through willing 1.4 units of 84 or 103bhp, to the entertainingly lively 1.6 and 1.8. The fine VVC variable-valve unit from the MGF powers the 1.8 GTi, giving a drive that enthusiasts relish. There's just one diesel, the perky, frugal but not so refined 2.0D. The 1.1 and 84bhp 1.4 cars are fine for pottering around or as urban runabouts, but they need pushing hard to keep up on the open road - to the detriment of refinement and economy.

3 out of 5


Under the restrained pipe-and-slippers bodywork, 25 is actually fun to drive. Its firm suspension means that it picks up more bumps and ruts than its rivals, but there’s little bodyroll. Handling is safe and composed, and the steering is more precise than the old 200. Go for the MG ZR for more powerful engines, brisker performance, sportier suspension and better steering.