Used Porsche Boxster (2012 - 2016) Safety & Reliability

Review by Tim Bowdler on
Last Updated: 28 Jan 2016
For a sports car company Porsche is somewhat conservative. When an ‘all-new’ model is launched a double-take is usually required to differentiate between it and the older model.

4 out of 5



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The Boxster hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP yet but it has a robust safety cell that should protect you should the worst happen. Buyers get driver and passenger front, side and head airbags, as well as the aluminium-steel roll-over protection bar if there’s a real drama. The Boxster also comes with Porsche’s stability management system, as well as other safety features such as emergency brake assistance and an electric parking brake with auto-hold function.

4 out of 5


Porsches are usually bulletproof so you would be unlucky if you experienced any major problems in the car’s early life. The cabin is solidly built so minor niggles should be a rarity. Porsche does not appear in any UK customer satisfaction surveys, but in the US recently it has performed well. Porsche dealerships are also generally well regarded for their good levels of customer service.

Car check problem points


Check for any damage to the underside of the car from it getting caught on kerbs or speed bumps.


Make sure that all the car's fluid levels are correct, to help avoid potential damage due to overheating or oil starvation.


Look at the tread on the tyres to see if they are wearing evenly. If the wear is not even, the suspension or steering may be out of alignment - potentially due to damage.