Used Peugeot 807 (2002 - 2010) Safety & Reliability

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Last Updated: 20 Mar 2014
The 807 is near identical to the Citroen C8 and Fiat Ulysse people carriers, with only the headlights and grille the real differences. The boxy shape may not do much for looks, but it means plenty of interior space and the ability to carry up to eight adults.

4 out of 5



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  • Adult Occupant Rating

    5 out of 5
  • Pedestrian Test Rating

    1 out of 5

The 807 was one of the first people carriers score a maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating, although it originally received four stars and was retested after Peugeot made improvements. There are six airbags (including sidebags for rear passengers), plus electronic stability control on all models. Deadlocks, remote central locking (with buttons to operate the rear sliding doors) and etched windows are also standard.

2 out of 5


Peugeot doesn't have a good reputation for reliability and the 807 has suffered a huge list of recalls (see checks section). Ensure all the work has been done if you're buying second hand

Car check problem points


No problems reported.


A recall in 2004 for an fault with the throttle stop which could cause the engine to revert to limp home mode. Another in 2006 for a potential fuel leak and again in 2008 for a problem with the diesel fuel return pipe.


Recalls in 2003 for problems with the rear bench, water ingress into the ECU and an electrical fault which could mean the sliding door opening while he vehicle is moving. More problems in 2004 - this time for a risk of fire due to a heater fan issue and in 2005 there were recalls for an airbag malfunction and a possible brake pipe leak. In 2006 there was a recall for an issue with braking efficiency caused by freezing moisture and another for a seat belt bracing fault. In 2007 there was a recall for a possible brake fluid leak and in 2008 for possible reduced braking performance.