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Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.9 TDI PD Elegance 5d DSG (2005/54)

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.9 TDI PD Elegance 5d DSG (2005/54) - Owner Review

Bag hooks in the football pitch sized boot.

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Review submitted by
Adrian Nelson on

Skoda Octavia Hatchback (04-12)


4 out of 5

What does this car say about you?
I don't want a Golf.

What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?
There aren't many Skoda jokes I haven't heard, but generally everyone says "they're good nowadays aren't they?" Of course they'd never buy on themselves! More bargains for the believers.

Would you buy this car again and why?
Yes I would, the exceptional value for money for one. The good dealers are few and far between but they do exist.

What are you likely to buy next?
Something smaller as I don't need a boot any more.

Buying experience

2 out of 5

Type of dealer you bought from?

Did you buy this car new?

What price did you pay?

When did you buy the car?
September 2007

Did you get a good deal and why?
Not really a great deal, suspect I could have haggled more off.

Is there any special reason why you bought this car?
Availability, price, liked the looks

What was the dealer like?
Swiss Toni! Everything you expect from a car dealer, minus the pleasantries.

Driving it

4 out of 5

What's it like to drive?
Solid feeling, quiet on the motorway, though sometimes cruises a while in 5th gear before changing up which causes engine noise in the cabin.

What's it like to park?
Easy to park using sensors though if parallel parking on a hill sometimes the DSG can be slow to pick up. Good visibility all round.

Living with it

5 out of 5

Have you had any problems with the car?
Had a cracked fuel filter housing at 135k and the drivers window sometimes goes back down when closing.

What's most practical about your car?
Bag hooks in the football pitch sized boot.

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?
Nothing specific but it's got a good level of standard kit. Dimming mirror is something I miss in other cars now. DSG superb.

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