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Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.6 SE 5d (2011/11)

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.6 SE 5d (2011/11) - Owner Review

Comfortable to drive for long periods and really large boot great now we have a baby! (She goes in the back seat, not the boot...).

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Review submitted by
Paul Freeman-Powell on

Skoda Octavia Hatchback (04-12)


4 out of 5

What does this car say about you?
I like it as it's quite a serious car so when turning up to business meetings it looks the part, and it's also great as a family car because it's so spacious.

What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?
As far as I know they all like it!

Would you buy this car again and why?
Yes; good value being Skoda but good quality being a VW inside, really nice to drive and spacious inside.

What are you likely to buy next?
Another Octavia.

Buying experience

5 out of 5

Type of dealer you bought from?

Did you buy this car new?

What price did you pay?

When did you buy the car?
November 2013

Did you get a good deal and why?
Yes very good deal, managed to barter right down to a round £8000.

Is there any special reason why you bought this car?
Spacious 5 door car with large boot. Skoda renowned for reliability and quality at a good price (being VW).

What was the dealer like?
Friendly and welcoming, tried to get me to buy the car on the first viewing (obviously) but was happy enough when I came back for second viewing and to buy.

Driving it

4 out of 5

What's it like to drive?
Very nice, the 1.6 petrol feels powerful enough without being OTT so great for overtaking on the motorway etc. Shame it doesn't have cruise control though.

What's it like to park?
No problems at all - good turning circle and nimble enough to get in tight spaces, good visibility all round and parking sensors are really helpful.

Living with it

5 out of 5

Have you had any problems with the car?
Back windscreen washer stopped working but was fixed for free by the dealer under warranty. It does have an annoying squeak around the glovebox/passenger door area. Presumably something loose needs tightening but I've not got round to investigating properly!

What's most practical about your car?
Comfortable to drive for long periods and really large boot great now we have a baby! (She goes in the back seat, not the boot...).

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?
The SD card slot for the stereo means I've always got lots of music.

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