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Skoda Felicia Estate 1.3 GLXi 5d (1996/P)

Skoda Felicia Estate 1.3 GLXi 5d (1996/P) - Owner Review

Bit like a tractor to drive, but a tad fun and quirky.

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Skoda Felicia Estate (95-01)


2 out of 5

Depreciates like a stone.


3 out of 5

Relatively economical. Parts are often odd, particularly for the estate, difficult to find and expensive.


2 out of 5

Bit like a tractor to drive, but a tad fun and quirky.


2 out of 5

0-6 in three weeks, but any faster and it would be scary.


1 out of 5

Im a careful drive rand used 2 clutches and 4 clutch cables. Among a hlarge list of other things. Need I say more.


2 out of 5

A wheelie bin has more image but as a student I was the only one who could fit all his gear in the back of his own car to move back home.


4 out of 5

Surprisingly comfortable in the back and front.

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3 out of 5

I had an alarm installed and surprisingly it worked when needed. The thieves got in, but couldn't take the stereo or the car.


1 out of 5

Sheffield Skoda were awful. I have never met a garage as bad. I never actually managed to get my car in there for work as they seemed to put so many obstacles in my way. My advice buy another car, any car but this one.


Rampant rust round tailgate, but otherwise strong.

Load, brash and drank oil like a sailor. However I did drive her 50 miles with no oil in and she was absolutely fine.

Very dull, but suited the car.

I have to say apart from a few reliability and dealership issues it wasn't a bad car. However for these reasons I would not recommend the car to anyone.


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