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SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.8 20V T Cupra 5d (2003/53)

SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.8 20V T Cupra 5d (2003/53) - Owner Review

hmmm, Well the boot is fairly big, can fit 4 rugby kit bags in and go 4 up with big blokes no probs, 5 door makes this easy!

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Review submitted by
Martin Ridgers on

SEAT Leon Hatchback (00-05)


4 out of 5

What does this car say about you?
I don't really know. Maybe an under-dog! I'm quite open when it comes to cars and will always explore to 2nd or 3rd choice car in the class. It would keep up with most things in the class (golf GTI) at the time. However with the new crop of hot hatches (New GTI, Megane, VXR, MPS etc etc...) has really moved the goal posts!

What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?
My mates loved it, my family simply saw it as a car to get from A to B

Would you buy this car again and why?
Times have changed, I have a family now, so a bigger car is needed. Howver if I was to re-live my youth then absolutely, Maybe the Cupra R though!!! One thing to note is the fuel economy... Its was absolutely terrible. When I tried driving economically (motorway, sitting at 55-60mph) I still struggled to get 28mpg. Everyday driving was around 25mpg. put it this way £10 of fuel (@ £1 a litre) would get me under 50 miles

What are you likely to buy next?
Would love a bonkers car like the Mazda 6 MPS or similar, but it would be hard to justify the running costs... Particulary £425 a yr tax! Ouch! So my short list at the minute: Maybe a Peugeot 3008, Skoda Yeti, Hyundai IX35, Ford Kuga. the 'Crossover' type thing really appeals to me!

Buying experience

4 out of 5

Type of dealer you bought from?
Didn't buy from a dealer

Did you buy this car new?

What price did you pay?

When did you buy the car?
June 2005

Did you get a good deal and why?
I managed to get £1000 off the screen price because the mileage was slightly higher than average at the time

Is there any special reason why you bought this car?
Was still young with no commitments and living at home, so wanted something with a bit of pace so I could get it out my system!

What was the dealer like?
Pretty good, he bent over backwards to get the deal! Although when I came to collect the car there was a HUGE nail poking through the rear N/S tyre... He replaced it no probs, however I insisted both the rears were changed as I didn't want uneven tyres! All done without a problem!

Driving it

5 out of 5

What's it like to drive?
Its all about the engine, it's a peach! Doesn't take much for it to really get going! The exhaust note is lovely also! It has sharp handling, couple this with the firm but comfy seats and nicely weighted steering, all in all you get great feedback

What's it like to park?
No worse than any other hatch really, quite high rear pillars. I don't understand why people have such trouble parking!

Living with it

3 out of 5

Have you had any problems with the car?
Only had it a short time but in that time nothing mechanically went wrong. Very strong engines. The only thing that is worth a mention is that the bracket for the back box on the exhaust broke. Really easy fix though!

What's most practical about your car?
hmmm, Well the boot is fairly big, can fit 4 rugby kit bags in and go 4 up with big blokes no probs, 5 door makes this easy!

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?
It hasn't got an abundance of gadgets, however the standard climate control is a nice feature to have, as is cruise control

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