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SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.6 16V S 5d (2002/51)

SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.6 16V S 5d (2002/51) - Owner Review

The car has excellent handling giving a lot of confidence. The gear change is quite good.

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SEAT Leon Hatchback (00-05)


3 out of 5

The initial price is good, however it seems to suffer bad depreciation. I would pay more and get a Gol as it holds its value so much better.


4 out of 5

Petrol conusmption is quite heavy and insurance should be lower.


4 out of 5

The car has excellent handling giving a lot of confidence. The gear change is quite good.


3 out of 5

It looks faster than it goes, you have to work it hard which probably accounts for the poor fuel consumption!


3 out of 5

Seems well built but has the standard Leon problem of leaking door sills. Mine was in the garage for 5 days being dried out! VW engine gives no problems.


4 out of 5

Other drivers seem to think it is a fast car and so move out the way.


5 out of 5

Comfort is good with easy adjustment of steering wheel.

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4 out of 5

Security seems good with solid locks.


2 out of 5

I really think that VW should take a serious look at Seat garages. I feel that their customer service is pretty bad. The dealers put me off buying another Seat.


The bumpers seem to suffer badly from stone chips.

Engine is good.


Seat should recall ALL Leons for replacing the leaking door sills. This is a design fault and should be addressed. Seat's handling of this problem shows a complete contempt for their customers.


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