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SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.8 20V SE 5d (2002/52)

SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.8 20V SE 5d (2002/52) - Owner Review

Nice solid feel, try to avoid potholes, sport suspension a bit too much on poor roads.

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SEAT Leon Hatchback (00-05)


4 out of 5

Superb value… £8,800 for a 1 year old with 10k miles at a car supermarket. Spec is great.


3 out of 5

Average 30mpg, maybe a bit more on occasions. 10k miles service cost £100.


4 out of 5

Nice solid feel, try to avoid potholes, sport suspension a bit too much on poor roads.


3 out of 5

Got a bit of oommpphh up higher in the revs, handling good enough for me... holds road well.


4 out of 5

Couple of faults. Cassette player faulty when purchased, unaware until tried to use it, fixed under warranty and faulty elec mirror about to be done under warranty. Other than that my enthusiasm at getting a bargain has been dampened by a couple squeaks.


4 out of 5

Nice looking car, quite sporty. Didn't know of the Leon until purchased.


4 out of 5

Superb interior. Looked at BMW, VW and Audi and it's up there with them I think. Bumpy ride due to sports suspension, depends on what roads you drive!

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4 out of 5

Not been tested as far as I know.


3 out of 5

Average. Done what warranty work has been needed so I suppose ok. Had to travel 25 miles to dealer as a nearer one couldn't even return calls, so why would I want to give them my money?





As above - couple of occasional squeaks - just what I didn't expect from what is otherwise a classy package.


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