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Nissan Terrano 2.7 TD SGX 5d (1996/N)

Nissan Terrano 2.7 TD SGX 5d (1996/N) - Owner Review

Does the job, comfortable and quiet. Rear seats (6&7) poor and tend to induce travel sickness

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Nissan Terrano (93-07)


4 out of 5

Much chearer than Discovery, but with better engine and does the same job. If image is important though this is not the one for you.


2 out of 5

Abysmal fuel conumption (never realistically achieves more than 22mpg - diesel). Simple parts very expensive, ie standard switch £20.


4 out of 5

Does the job, comfortable and quiet. Rear seats (6&7) poor and tend to induce travel sickness


2 out of 5

Painfully slow, a Transit is much quicker off the mark & top speed. One tends to settle in to driving everywhere at 55mph. Handling ponderous even for a 4x4. You don't expect sporty handling but press.


3 out of 5

No major problems, window lifts often break (Usually when raining!) as the slider mechanism is just cheap plastic. When it breaks the window falls into the door.


1 out of 5

School bus/middle aged caravanner.


3 out of 5

Good except for rear seats which are a definate afterthought rather than designed-in. They also make the split in the second row of seats pointless as this third row is fixed!

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2 out of 5

I locked my keys in and got into it in 30 mins, I've never broken into a car before! No experience with the column locks.


3 out of 5

They will do the basics, but nothing special. If parts are on a long waiting list and vehicle is off the road they neither help nor care.


Very, very flimsy so picks up minor dents far to easily. Roof panel is paper thin and will dent.

Deveoped a lot of rattes from heat shields.

Mine has been OK, but always grinds into reverse



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