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Nissan Pulsar Hatchback 1.5 dCi Acenta 5d (2014/64)

Nissan Pulsar Hatchback 1.5 dCi Acenta 5d (2014/64) - Owner Review

There is a lot of space for passengers, the rear in particular. The boot is also very large for the size of the car and it's almost cavernous with the rear seats folded down.

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Review submitted by
J A Wilson on

Nissan Pulsar Hatchback (14-18)


4 out of 5

What does this car say about you?
That I have a family and like to drive a spacious, comfortable and practical car.

What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?
They all really like it and say it looks really nice. The motoring press gave it a hard time saying it looks boring, but I've even had people stop me in car parks asking me about it.

Would you buy this car again and why?
I would certainly consider another one. It's been a nice car, although I don't usually buy the same model again due to liking a bit of variety.

What are you likely to buy next?
No idea. There are so many good models out there at the moment that choosing a car is getting harder and harder!

Buying experience

4 out of 5

Type of dealer you bought from?

Did you buy this car new?

What price did you pay?

When did you buy the car?
December 2014

Did you get a good deal and why?

Is there any special reason why you bought this car?
Previously owned a Qashqai and it gave sterling service for 4 years. Naturally, we went back to Nissan to replace it and test drove the (then) new Pulsar. We liked it very much and ordered it there and then.

What was the dealer like?
Dealer was excellent. We've used them before and we will use them again. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are friendly, knowledgable and professional. If only all car dealers were like this.

Driving it

4 out of 5

What's it like to drive?
All in all, it's a very relaxing car to drive. The diesel unit is quiet and the torque makes it feel quite brisk compared to other cars I have driven. The Pulsar is quite tall for a hatchback and there is a fair bit of body roll in bends and the steering, while very light, could be a bit more responsive. It feels more at home sitting lazily at 70mph on the M6 than chucking it around bends on mountain roads. To be fair, you never feel like chucking it around though - It feels so soft and relaxed. The six speed gearbox is also very smooth. It's a much nicer car to drive then the mk1 Qashqai we has before.

What's it like to park?
For a mid size hatchback, it's surprisingly easy to park. The A and B pillars are not very thick and the shoulder line of the doors is quite low so visibility is very good. The rear window is not the best to see out of, but the dealer fitted parking sensors help out with that.

Living with it

5 out of 5

Have you had any problems with the car?
In just over 12 months of ownership, it has been faultless.

What's most practical about your car?
There is a lot of space for passengers, the rear in particular. The boot is also very large for the size of the car and it's almost cavernous with the rear seats folded down.

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?
Little things like cruise control, speed limiter (great for speed camera zones), climate control and bluetooth all help. The multi function steering wheel is well designed and the onboard computer has a lot of nifty functions. I also like the design of the alloy wheels. The keyless entry is also a nice idea and this is the first car we've owned where you start the engine by pressing a button.

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