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Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe CLK55 2d Tip Auto (2000/X)

Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe CLK55 2d Tip Auto (2000/X) - Owner Review

A good balance of sport / cruising but does not excel in either.

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Mercedes-Benz CLK Coupe (97-02)


4 out of 5

Don't buy one unless you can afford the running costs. A monster V8 for £20K - worth a look.


3 out of 5

When Driving Miss Daisy you get 27 MPG but drive hard and its 18. Rips through rear tyres quickly. Avoid 19 inch.


4 out of 5

A good balance of sport / cruising but does not excel in either.


5 out of 5

Gut wrenching thrust and a wonderful exhaust not. Power linear and never gives up (it changes down to 3rd at 90mph in kick down - where permitted of course).


4 out of 5

Electric Seat fuses kept blowing. Cracked front suspension brackets.


4 out of 5

You almost want it to be more in your face as unless you are a petrol head you might not notice / know what AMG is all about.


3 out of 5

Long journeys do start to hurt if you are a big chap but light ones will drive comfortably for hours. Do not buy with 19 inch wheels as your jaw will crack if you aren't on the smoothest of tarmac.

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4 out of 5

I didn't have any issues but lack of deadlocks does seem bizarre in a high profile car.


3 out of 5

You have to take this sort of car to MB and live with getting stiffed. Don't risk an independent unless they have worked on this sort of performance car before.


Prone to stone chips - cheap paint job?

Awesome - no issues.

In winter could be clunky for a while until warmed up.

Electric fuses for front seats kept blowing and couldn't track fault. Front suspension brackets cracked meaning failed MOT and £400 to fix.


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