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Ford Escort Hatchback 1.8 GTi 5d (AC) (1998/S)

Ford Escort Hatchback 1.8 GTi 5d (AC) (1998/S) - Owner Review

Ride a little firm but not to bad. Average grip and agility though.

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Ford Escort Hatchback (90-01)


4 out of 5

Can't get much more for the money, £1500 for an s reg with 67k and a lot of kit. Can't be bad.


4 out of 5

Cheap parts and high 30s to mid 40 mpg aint bad for a 1.8, even when driven hard. Insurance could be cheaper for the performance/image though.


3 out of 5

Ride a little firm but not to bad. Average grip and agility though.


3 out of 5

Disappointing torque, especially low down but does wake up at about 4000 rpm upwards. Enough to get you out of trouble....just.


4 out of 5

typical easy to live with ford. no probs except had to have a/c re gassed, only £62 and just things like exhaust, brakes etc as with all cars


3 out of 5

probably not the most desirable but far from the worst thing on the road. the skirts and wheels do help the escorts looks a lot. i don't feel embarassed driving it


3 out of 5

Very good seats, especially for a ford. Even better than my Audi coupe that i had before this. Ride a little firm but not as bad as some might lead you to believe. Nice to have a/c.

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3 out of 5

Better than nothing. Standard ford alarm and immobiliser but not parked on street. Not been nicked yet (touch wood).


1 out of 5

not personally dealt with main dealer but hartwell ford in banbury are held in high regard with friends and family


Slight rust bubbling under passenger front wheel arch rear spoiler keeps working loose on 1 side and rattles- v. annoying.



Watch for scrapes on bumpers etc and a/c does have a habbit of breaking (mine just needed gassing).


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