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BMW 3-Series Touring 318i ES 5d (2003/03)

BMW 3-Series Touring 318i ES 5d (2003/03) - Owner Review

Great drive. Smooth and great for long cruises.

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BMW 3-Series Touring (99-05)


4 out of 5

as you would expect great build quality. Nothing falls off or rusts.


2 out of 5

Low in maintenance. 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, but quite high in depreciation which was a little surprising so I rated it a two.


3 out of 5

Great drive. Smooth and great for long cruises.


2 out of 5

Lack-lustre engine, but then it is a 318i. but can be good if you keep revs high and push it. Nice handling, has saved my bacon a few times. Can have a little fun with traction control off and rear wheel drive.


4 out of 5

Some little niggles with engine. BMW couldn't find problem so I gave up and just make sure I have revs high enough.


4 out of 5

Not bad for an estate... sorry BMW I mean Tourer. Looks good, but hasn't quite achieved the image the BMW wanted to give over a sporty touring with ski racks for the late 20's or early thirty 30's with adventurer on their mind!


4 out of 5

Very nice driving position. Centred around driver, although that now seems to have changed on 05 models. A little on the small size for rear occupants. Sports seats made all the difference to comfort and looks. Great for long journeys.

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5 out of 5

BMW seem to be very thoughtful in this area. Simple things such as remote unlocking doesn't flash indicators so a would be car thief may find it a little bit more difficult to find your car in a car park even if they did have your keys!


2 out of 5

Owned BMWs for 12 years, but never again. Mechanics, sorry they're now Technicians rely too much on computer read outs. Snotty attitude. I also have 2 MX5's and an RX8 and would rate Mazda service over BMW anytime. Hidden charges in servicing.



Engine falters when cold unless revs kept high. BMW says their computer says its okay. Gave up trying to sort it out in the end.


Some window rattles, but nothing major. I personally think the service interval is too long. Oil is black by the time its changed and it was running roughly. Still after a service it wasn't that great, but I've just given up with BMW now.


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