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BMW 3-Series Coupe 320 Ci Sport 2d (03) (2005/55)

BMW 3-Series Coupe 320 Ci Sport 2d (03) (2005/55) - Owner Review

I would have to say boot space, it's huge!

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Review submitted by
Andy Coker on

BMW 3-Series Coupe 320 Ci Sport 2d (03) (2005/55)


4 out of 5

What does this car say about you?
It's a smart, great looking well designed car with the mechanics and engineering to back it up - I'd like to think it's says that the owners got good taste if nothing else! Even in standard guise it still turns heads which is a true testament to the design.

What do your friends / family / neighbours think of the car?
Friends and family love the car, they are shocked when I tell them what you can pick them up for now, this again is a testament to the design which is only just starting to show it's age 8 years after it went out of production.

Would you buy this car again and why?
Absolutely, I would imagine it's even harder to find a really good example now but I'd still recommend looking if you are in the market for one, you won't be disappointed! And why? For all the reasons mentioned prior to this section.

What are you likely to buy next?
Unfortunately it is likely to be a cheap and reliable run around seeing as I don't need anything more... Unless I win the lottery, in which case it will be an M3 CS!

Buying experience

3 out of 5

Type of dealer you bought from?

Did you buy this car new?

What price did you pay?

When did you buy the car?
July 2012

Did you get a good deal and why?
The dealer didn't move on price at all, I did try to haggle but he wasn't having any of it.

Is there any special reason why you bought this car?
I had been looking for an e46 m sport coupe for sometime and finally found a late low miles example in the exact spec I was looking for.

What was the dealer like?
A reasonable independent dealer, he had a decent selection range of cars not just premium marques. Although it was an indie I felt like I was getting piece of mind as we went through everything in detail.

Driving it

5 out of 5

What's it like to drive?
Car feels solid, smooth and planted. Although it's only the 320 (2.2 straight six petrol), it's got just enough grunt to make you smile and the sound of the 6 pot is brilliant. On B roads and the motorway is when it really comes into it's own, it's extremely smooth, comfortable and pulls all the way through the rev range. Sometimes I wish I'd brought an auto as town driving can be frustrating, I'd recommend it for the comfort factor. But that is the only thing I do sometimes regret not having.

What's it like to park?
It's not small but easy enough to park, I've never had any major issues. I don't class it as a big car but wouldn't want to go for anything bigger in the future. This is just personal preference though.

Living with it

4 out of 5

Have you had any problems with the car?
Touch wood, no. I don't do loads of miles but since buying the car at 48k miles and with it now sitting at 63k, I can safely say it hasn't missed a beat. It has always been great fun to drive and extremely comfortable.

What's most practical about your car?
I would have to say boot space, it's huge!

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?
I would have to say there are two things for me - the colour, (sparkling graphite metallic), and the M sport trim.

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