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BMW 3-Series Compact 325ti Sport 3d (03) (2003/03)

BMW 3-Series Compact 325ti Sport 3d (03) (2003/03) - Owner Review

Very good handling (cornering, braking etc), but is it really suited to UK roads (see comfort)?

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BMW 3-Series Compact (01-04)


3 out of 5

Can't argue on the quality of the engineering and safety levels, but a 24K car really shouldn't have a radio cassette and a so-so 6 speaker sound system. My old MK 4 1.8T GTI was better in this regard. Makes a much better 2nd hand buy.


4 out of 5

Not really a budget option - only getting 26-27 MPG on its preferred diet of super unleaded (Optimax).


4 out of 5

Very good handling (cornering, braking etc), but is it really suited to UK roads (see comfort)?


5 out of 5

Lacks a little mid range punch compared to old 1.8T Golf, but top end performance is really sparkling and it corners like a dream. The straight 6 also sounds fantastic when worked hard!


4 out of 5

Only owned car for a month or so, but did need to call the free BMW assist people who were excellent. Apparently just a loose lead that must have been disturbed by the dealer cleaning the car as I have bought it 2nd hand.


4 out of 5

Sports body kit, certainly doesn't help it blend in so expect the typical BMW reactions. I thought this was a myth, but no I am just going to have to get a thick skin -) Still not 100% sure on the split front lights though.


4 out of 5

Had optional full leather trim and sports seats and driving position is excellent. Fit and finish generally up to Audi / VW standards, but a few details aren't quite as well done. Good solid job though.

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5 out of 5

BMW are well know to have good provision in this area.


3 out of 5

BMW assist is excellent, but selling dealer much less impressive.





Lose lead in engine compartment.


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