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Audi A3 1.9 TDI Sport (130ps) 3d (2002/51)

Audi A3 1.9 TDI Sport (130ps) 3d (2002/51) - Owner Review

Nice car to drive, responsive engine, good handling and firm controlled ride on 17"" alloys.

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Audi A3 (96-03)


2 out of 5

Quite expensive to buy, considering it's a hatchback, but hopefully should hold it's value well, though new shape is out which will affect depreciation.


2 out of 5

Audi parts prices are sky-high as is servicing, though I haven't had a service yet. Previous BMW 3-series coupe was cheaper on both counts. LongLife service intervals (24k) are a bonus. Insurance is very expensive.


3 out of 5

Nice car to drive, responsive engine, good handling and firm controlled ride on 17"" alloys.


3 out of 5

Good acceleration & torque from 130bhp TDi engine, though now outclassed by newer rivals. Quite noisy at idle, suffers from too much turbo lag. Good in-gear performance at motorway speeds. Steering lacks feel.


1 out of 5

I have had this car for 18 months are have had numerous problems with it. Where's the legendary Audi build quality? This car is a lemon. Had better reliability from my 11-year old BMW. Had better expectations from a prestige brand.


3 out of 5

Car still turns head, especially with upgraded 17" alloys. I think it is still a sought after model.


3 out of 5

Nice supportive front seats, a little small in the rear, decent boot. Relaxed motorway cruiser. Good interior.

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2 out of 5

Poor standard fit alarm, sounds pathetic (not loud enough to scare a cat let alone a thief!)


1 out of 5

Audi dealers and Audi UK are the most arrogant useless people I have ever encountered. They must do better for customers if they want to compete in the prestige market. BMW service far exceeds Audi.


Problems with paintwork bubbling up on rear boot lid & wheel arch. Audi refused to cover this under warranty. Where is the legendary Audi bodywork protection? Paintwork is also very soft, scratches and chips easily. Drivers door doesn't shut proper.

Have suffered from temporary turbo failure, though otherwise is a good unit.

No problems, gear ratios from 6 speed box seem to be mis-matched.

Cracked slam panel, cracked interior trim panels (very expensive), faulty radio, faulty speakers, brake switch, 7. Faulty electrical circuit board (behind dashboard) caused dashboard gauge and alarm malfunction, condensation in headlight.


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