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Audi A2 1.4 TDI Sport (90ps) 5d (2004/04)

Audi A2 1.4 TDI Sport (90ps) 5d (2004/04) - Owner Review

The Sport 90 Hp is the one to go for in my opinion. Holds the road really well for a small player

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Audi A2 (00-05)


3 out of 5

It's on the expensive side, but I guess it depends what you're looking for. Buy a cheaper brand and you'll suffer more on quality of build.


4 out of 5

It's only around six months old and the first service is coming in at 30,000 miles. No costs as of yet


4 out of 5

The Sport 90 Hp is the one to go for in my opinion. Holds the road really well for a small player


4 out of 5

I'm quite impressed with the little lump. I wouldn't go for the 75Hp version. 90 Hp gives it that little bit more pickup. It's not a sports car, but can get moving at a reasonable rate.


2 out of 5

Very disappointing, but I'm fussy. Dashboard warning light fault, suspension knocking from front. Had it fixed and it's doing it again. Front flap for oil wouldn't open, pulling to the left, Central locking stopped working once, meaning I had to override


4 out of 5

Great little car which returns lots of MPG in and out of town


3 out of 5

The seats are comfortable, although you wouldn't want to rack up the miles on long journeys. If you go for the glass roof, expect no headroom in the back. Can see the drivers seat becoming very worn on the edge through it's design.

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3 out of 5

Seems quite standard to me


2 out of 5

Not impressed by the service department. However, the sales person I bought it off, has helped a lot.


Couldn't get front flap to open

No problems

No problems

Every A2 I've seen, has scuffed wheels. No protection from the tyres on this car. Go near a kerb and it's got you. Very unusualy knocking from the suspension, which they've tried to fix and can't


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