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Last Updated: 08 Jun 2015
The Nissan Note has been a popular family car since its introduction in 2006 but this new model with low CO2 emissions and more safety systems could be an even bigger hit with the UK car-buying public. Manufactured in Sunderland, this five-door hatchback is based on Nissan's small car, the Micra.

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The new Nissan Note received a four star rating in its round of EuroNCAP testing, the same score as the 2006 model.

Anything less than a five star rating is uncommon so it is disappointing to see the Note fall short here, especially as it is designed for families.

Of course it’s not just about laboratory stars when it comes to safety, and Nissan has included a raft of new technology on the Note to make it even safer in the real world. All boast six airbags as standard but opt for Tekna models and you’ll enjoy the firm’s new Safety Shield system too – it remains an option on the mid-range Acenta models.

There’s Blind Sport Warning, whose warning light illuminates then flashes should the driver indicate to pull out into following traffic hidden in their blindspot. And Lane Departure Warning ensures you keep between the white lines of the motorway thanks to a series of beeps and will adjust its sensitivity and actions to the speed the vehicle is travelling at.

With Around View monitor the Note has a rear-mounted camera that helps you park without hitting any obstacles by displaying the view on the car’s 5.8-inch screen. However it also boasts Moving Object Detection so if it sees a child or other car moving towards you while you are reversing your Note it warns you with both visual and audible signs.

And thanks to other cameras the device builds a 360-degree overhead view for a clear indication of what is around the car when manoeuvring at low speeds.

4 out of 5


Another model built in the UK you can expect Nissan Note reliability to be pretty good, the British built models being as well-screwed together as any of the firm’s other cars. The engines are shared with other models across the range too so we’d expect them to prove trouble free also.

And while the interior may not be the most inspiring place to travel the hardwearing materials used throughout should stand up to the sort of family abuse likely to be thrown at it.

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