Used Nissan Almera Tino (2000 - 2005) Comfort

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Last Updated: 04 Nov 2014
This Almera hatchback spin-off follows in the same vein as Scenic, Picasso and Zafira. Like most models in this class, it's practical, roomy and fits five with ease.

3.5 out of 5


All of Almera Tino's engines can feel unrefined when pushed, which means there's lots of engine noise in the cabin. The diesels are the most refined of the three engines.

3.5 out of 5


Plenty of user-friendly touches (like curry-hooks for keeping your takeaway spilling on the floor and a range of cubby-bins) makes Almera Tino ideal for families. Taller drivers may compromise legroom for passengers in the rear. Split/fold seats are useful, but tricky to remove (and put back). Only five seats, when some rivals offer six and seven.

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550 litres
Nissan Almera Tino (00-05)
440 litres
325 litres
312 litres
4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

Once you get used to the odd-looking dash, you'll appreciate the thoughtfully-placed switches and buttons and the clear instrument layout. A good driving position, with an adjustable steering wheel and comfortable seats. Models fitted with sat-nav before 2004 have an impressive screen that rises from the dash. Cars from 2004 have a screen built into the dash.