Used Nissan 200 SX (1994 - 2001) Safety & Reliability

Review by Ben Wall on
Last Updated: 05 Mar 2014
If this sleek coupe suffered from one thing, it was that it was too anonymous looking, although it does offer a taste of the Skyline supercar. It's good to drive with a refined 2.

2 out of 5



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There is no traction control other than the driver's foot. One airbag is standard unless you get a Touring model which gets two and there is plenty of bodyshell to provide cushioning in an impact. An alarm and immobiliser are fitted.

4 out of 5


Many were bought by mature buyers and as such there are plenty which have been well looked after and offer excellent reliability. However there are also lots that have been thrashed about and modified and as such will be less reliable.

Car check problem points


No major faults inherent in design, but watch for poorly repaired crash damage or badly rebuilt vehicles.


Blown turbos from abuse or lack of maintenance.


General 'boy racer' wear and tear - tyres, shocks etc.