Used Nissan 200 SX (1994 - 2001) Comfort

Review by Ben Wall on
Last Updated: 05 Mar 2014
If this sleek coupe suffered from one thing, it was that it was too anonymous looking, although it does offer a taste of the Skyline supercar. It's good to drive with a refined 2.

3.5 out of 5


Interior styling is rather bland, but the front seats are comfortable enough, especially in Touring spec with leather upholstery. Rear seats are short on leg room unless those in the front are particularly short.

2.5 out of 5


The boot is quite shallow, because of the rear-wheel drive layout, but it should cope with most requirements and the rear seats do fold down to add an extra level of practicality although the aperture is quite small.

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4 out of 5

Behind the wheel

All the controls (gearchange, steering and clutch) offer a meaty feeling, giving a real feeling that this is a big, fast car. Most are Touring spec models, with extra luxuries and are the ones to seek out as they make this a more comfortable long distance prospect.