Used Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback (2008 - 2011) Buying & Selling

Review by David Ross on
Last Updated: 19 Jan 2016
While the Evo models tend to grab the headlines, Mitsubishi is also keen to attract family buyers who are looking for practicality and value for money, rather than outright performance. The result is the Lancer Sportback - a five-door hatchback based on the saloon.

2.5 out of 5

Buying used

The Lancer Sportback doesn't sell in large numbers so finding one will be the first challenge. Mitsubishi dealers will be a good place to source one through the firms Used Car programme. The 1.8-litre GS3 is the most common model, but the 2.0 DI-D is a better choice.

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2 out of 5


Most buyers won't know the Lancer badge - nor that it comes as a five-door hatchback. Use the fact it's well equipped as a strong selling point and if you have a DI-D model, point out that it's a VW unit.