Used Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Evo VIII (2003 - 2005) Driving & Performance

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Last Updated: 04 Feb 2014
In the continuing war of the Japanese rally-styled road cars the Evo beats Subaru's Impreza in looks and individuality. Performance-wise they're evenly matched but most people seem to fall into one camp or the other (if they can live with the leery looks at all).

5 out of 5


A 2.0 turbocharged power unit can be had in various states of tune ranging from 260bhp up to 330bhp. Junior is very fast but the top models are badged FQ because they are effing (flipping) quick and that is entirely appropriate. Mr versions gained a six-speed gearbox. A limited run of 100 was made available with 400bhp.

4.5 out of 5


Grip and balance is as impressive as the accelerative thrust. Four wheel drive means there is always traction and virtually no other car can corner as rapidly thanks to a sophisticated system of differentials that can shuffle power from left to right and front to rear to whichever wheels have grip. The downside is a horrendous ride when not driven in full attack mode.

MR revisions included a shift to Bilstein suspension and a further honing of the sophisticated differential systems.