Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Convertible (2012 -) Buying & Selling

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Last Updated: 04 Apr 2017
Sporty, elegant and stylish, the Mercedes-Benz SL has a lot of appeal. Then again, there are hardly any shrinking violets in this sector.

3 out of 5

Buying new

Don’t expect any deals on the forecourt as the SL has historically sold in small numbers, of around 2,000 to 2,500 in a full year. The best bet if you want a deal is to head to a broker. The problem with this is that they may not be able to get you the trim and colour that you are after. The most popular model is likely to be the SL 350. This version is expected to account for 68% of all SL sales.

3 out of 5

Buying used

Strong residuals will be a stand-out feature of the SL. Historically it has always retained its value very well and expect no different from this new model. Clever kit should ensure that values are kept high throughout its lifetime. With this in mind it's best to avoid cars that haven't serviced at a Mercedes-Benz dealer, or at least an independent Mercedes-Benz specialist.

Check for wheel damage or for any scrapes on the front or rear of the car, and make sure the roof mechanism works properly.

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4 out of 5


Expect to get a decent price for your Mercedes-Benz if you have looked after it. Make sure you have had your SL serviced on a regular basis and that you have had the service book stamped by the dealer. Keep all the receipts as well. The more paperwork you have, the more obvious it will be to a buyer that the car has been well looked after.