Used Mercedes-Benz SL-Class AMG (2002 - 2011) Safety & Reliability

Review by Simon Harris on
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2014
The AMG versions of the SL - or at least the ones with V8 power - don't seem to offer a great deal more on paper than the top versions in the standard range. The SL55 AMG and later SL63 AMG are on a par for power with the SL600 and offer considerably less pulling power.

4 out of 5



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Although it hasn't undergone an independent crash test, the SL protects occupants well. There are head/thorax and driver and passenger airbags plus a pop-up roll-over protection should the worst happen. Just about every known electronic driver aid is fitted to help prevent the driver losing control.

4 out of 5


Some recent Mercedes-Benz models have drifted a bit in the quality stakes, but this SL largely meets expectations of peerless build quality and engineering. However, a few owners have reported problems with roof seals that can't be fixed despite several visits to dealers.

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Some problems reported with roof seals on earlier cars that seem impossible to fix.


No problems reported.


No problems reported.